100 Pandora Portraits.

100 Pandora Portraits. All watercolor on paperboard.  

Centered on 14" x 10" paper, each image is 3" x 2", the size of the screen of an iPhone . 

Seen here are selections of the entire installation shown at the Josee Bienvenu Gallery in New York City in 2013.

Installation view selection- 1 at Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, 2012

100 individual parts creating one whole. The journey, a self portrait of the artist through his taste in music,  starts at 100% battery power at 12:00 PM. The first song is Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones, followed by Up to No Good by Rancid at 12:04 with 99% battery powering remaining. The next song is The Beatles' Good Day Sunshine. Each image is linked to the next. by incremental 1 % loss in battery power, by time elapsed by prior song. and by song title; the last word of one song title is the first word of the following song's title. 

Installation view selection- 2 at Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, 2012

The installation, documenting 6 hours and 20 minutes of an iPhone through pandora, the personalized radio station, is titled:

Running to Stand Still - Start Me Up to No Good Day Sunshine a Light it Up and Downtown Train in Vain (Stand By Me) Myself and I am Wicked Child of the Moon Over Bourbon Street Lights Out of Tears are in Your Eyes Without a Face Off That Girl You'll be a Woman Soon Come on a Plain Gold Ring of Fire on the Mountain Song 2+2 = 5:15 Step Right Up Here Down There's No Home for You Here Comes the Sun Doesn't Like You Know I'm No Good Times Roll With It Won't Be Long Live Rock With You Gotta Move Over The Hills and Far Away Eyes Wide Open Your Heart of Gold Dust Woman a Come Running To Stand Still D.R.E M I Got a Woman, a Lover, a Friend of the Devil in Her Heart of Stone Free For All the Best is Yet to Come On the Run For Your Life During Wartime is Running Out of Time Waits for No One and Only the Good Die Young Man Blues Music Box of Rain King For a Day Without Me Against the World Has Turned and Left Me Here Comes My Baby Driver 8 Million Stories For Boys Better Days are Blood is Thicker Than Water in Hell of a Life Can Be So Nice Dream On a Night Like This is My Last Affair,,,,,Power Off





Installation view selection- 3 at Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, 2012

Installation view selection- 4 at Josee Bienvenu Gallery, New York, 2012